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We’re Still Open: Learn More About Our Restrictions

J Bottom and Associates helps individuals and corporations pull themselves out of bankruptcy. Recent events have forced us to adjust how we deliver our services to clients. Still, they won’t prevent us from fulfilling our desire to relieve their financial strain. We’re open, and we’re in this together. Our commitment to helping our clients out of their current financial situation hasn’t wavered. Whether you require assistance with personal bankruptcy or filing a corporate creditor proposal, we can still help. However, the coronavirus has forced us to adjust to the new situation. Please feel free to read this page for more information on how our processes have changed and how our staff and experienced Trustees can still help.

Can I Pursue Bankruptcy Matters in the Court?

The government of British Columbia declared a state of emergency following the emergence of COVID-19. As a result, only emergency cases are currently moving through the court system. As of May 26, the provincial court announced that in-person proceedings wouldn’t resume until at least June 8, 2020. These hearings will occur at one of two locations and will only include priority matters. If you’re uncertain whether your bankruptcy case applies, we can answer those questions. Even if the court remains closed to your bankruptcy, there are numerous steps our office can take before the court is involved.

What Kind of Safety Measures Are You Taking?

We consulted with official Canadian guidance regarding the coronavirus before devising our plans for resuming our services. While we understand that they may seem inconvenient, we’ve worked hard to make them as seamless as possible. We’re implementing these measures to secure your health and the health of our staff and Trustees. Our guidelines are:

  • You may visit us if you have a scheduled meeting, need to make payments, or must provide materials. However, we ask that you email any documents that can be submitted electronically to
  • We moved the majority of our support staff to at-home operations between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to keep the person-to-person transmission at a minimum.
  • We cannot visit us if you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, have had contact with a known carrier, or recently returned from outside the country.
  • Please communicate with us by email (see addresses below) or call between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Monday to Friday), to schedule an appointment.

Are You Sanitizing Your Office?

We at J Bottom and Associates take your safety seriously during the coronavirus crisis, which is why we’ve undertaken strict sanitizing measures at our office. We’re making every effort to ensure we can provide hand sanitizer when our clients visit our office (while supplies last.) We’re professionally cleaning and sanitizing the office each night with bleach and at least once during the day. This includes, but is not limited to, door handles, elevator pads and buttons, front desks, and counters. We sanitize our office between visits to minimize surface transmission as much as possible. To limit person-to-person transmission, our staff and Trustees can wear gloves and a mask if you request it. We might ask that clients wear the same protection, so please be patient with us. Finally, we never reuse pens, giving each client their pen to use while in the office. When the appointment is over, we’ll take it back and sanitize it.

Please Be Patient: We’re Here to Serve You.

We understand that bankruptcy doesn’t wait. We also feel your anxieties. Bankruptcy is a stressful event, and many of our clients want it to be over. Our team is working hard to keep your case moving. We pledge to keep you up to date on the status of your case and push it through the required steps as quickly as possible.

We’re doing our best to serve our clients as we adjust to COVID-19. Our staff and trustees are answering emails as quickly as possible. We ask that you remain patient as we work through our caseload. To that end, we’re providing four email addresses. You can feel free to contact any of them. You can reach any of the following employees with questions or to schedule an appointment:

  • David Bottom –
  • John Bottom –
  • Mandy Gounder –
  • Deanna Morecy –

Contact Us Today for Answers to Your Questions

Our goal is to continue our reputation for superior bankruptcy services, despite the challenges the coronavirus has placed on Canada. Our routine operating procedures are continually changing to stay current with the latest medical guidance. Our desire to help clients out of their bankruptcy isn’t. We’re still seeing clients facing personal and corporate insolvency and can continue to devise methods to bring relief to your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.

We Help You Break the Cycle