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Client Testimonials

Great appreciation to David and staff. Highly recommended, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. If you have a financial problem, financial hardship, David has a solution for you.

Moe Mar

I highly recommend Bottom & Associates as bankruptcy trustees. If you want to make the bankruptcy process as painless and as quick as possible, go with them!
I met a number of bankruptcy trustees before going to Bottom & Associates, and I also know someone who filed for bankruptcy, so I have a comparison term.
From the first meeting I had with David Bottom, I felt he was genuinely non-judgmental and willing to help. I found David as highly knowledgeable and professional, yet understanding, even friendly. It took a lot of stress off my shoulders. He presented me with all possible options and helped me take an informed decision. I was impressed with his knowledge of the bankruptcy process. By speaking with David, I realized he is highly qualified and with experience in the field. I found the whole team professional and accommodating. They made the whole process as smooth and easy for me as possible.

Cornelia Dragne

Unbelievable difference dealing with David, a licensed trustee rather than the many credit counsellors out there that pretend to be and ruin peoples lives. David is amazing and I was lucky to find him. He filed a proposal in two weeks where the other people dragged on for almost a year creating undue stress and anxiety. Please, do yourself a favour. If you run into unfortunate financial struggles he is quick, professional and practical. Don't go anywhere else until you have spoken with him. I implore you.

Lionel Prins

Excellent Service , you did a good job David.

Behrouz Sheybani

Excellent service and they go the extra mile for their clients which does not happen a lot these days. I would highly recommend their firm.

Brent Repin

Unbelievable people. David is as stand up a guy as you will ever deal with.

Chowder Head

David Bottom is very professional and committed to helping his clients.

Polina F